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Friday, May 05, 2006

On-line sng streak

I took first in one PLO8 and one NL $5.50 as my last two tourneys, and in the past week, I've made the money more than 60% of my sngs.

The PLO8 was a partial fluke, starting with making a really bad all-in call with a pair of aces against a stone cold bluff on a scary board, and after that I was getting crazy good cards. Lots of decent starters, and lots of boards that matched my starters.

The NL sng streak I must credit to my ability to lay down more frequently, and to paying careful attention to who I'm up against. Frequently, I figure out who the rocks are, bluff them to keep the blinds at bay, and only go against them with a hand. (In the SNGs where I haven't placed, I've been up against luck-boxes. You've seen these players too often: they call against pot odds, go all-in against pot odds, and find their four-outer, their 7 outer, their two-outer, and occasionally they're actually ahead.)

The most recent NL sng, we were down to four-way with two rocks, myself, and a reasonably tricky/smart player, and it was clear that if tricky/smart got caught up with the rocks (or I out-tricked him....) then I could steal the rocks blinds in perpetuity. There was a cute hand where T/S and I both turned over T9os with the made straight on the river. We were both all-in figuring we'd outsmarted top pair....

Sunday, August 14, 2005




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